A World of Paradoxes


The societies we live in are ruled by paradoxes. These situations that we have created, for some of them, are the causes of some of the most serious threats faced by our species. They represents the changes that would help us create a better, fairer, safer and more environment friendly society. In my opinion,  it would result in securing the futur of the human race.

I would like to know why we cannot deal with the evidence.

Lets start with the problem of weapons : What I would call the paradox of our self destruction. Weapons are driving our species to the brinks of self extinction. It is black and white : if there was no weapons our society would be safer. Huge amount of money would be freed for the great of good. We all understand that! The views of the US citizens on their right to bear a weapon makes me wonder if a whole nation is in a logic of collective suicide and do not even realize it. No weapons, no wars. No weapons, less oppressions. No weapons, less poverty.  No weapons equals world peace. So, why as an intelligent species can we not suppress weapons from our societies?

Another paradox of our societies is our response towards the environmental problems that we have created, towards the  destruction of our planet. We are doing nothing. At this stage all the causes of the problems that we face are documented and understood. We also know where it is going : the slow and inevitable destruction of life on earth. As far as we know there is only life here on Earth, we, also, understand that we are the cause of all the changes damaging the world that sustain us. Why can we not apply the solutions that would guaranty the sustainability of life on Earth?

All along the development of our societies we have thought about the human condition, its universal rights and its integrity. Since the cylinder of Cyrus “The Great”, several texts have been produced in that optic. The “Déclaration Universelle des Droits de l’Homme” of 1948 is the base of the United Nation. An organisation that has been created to defend these rights on the whole planet above the constitution of any countries. As soon as the UN has been created it was corrupted by the most powerful nations : USA, USSR and the UK. This way the UN is muzzled from the inside. Why creating an organisation to protect the human rights and world peace, spend money to run it but make sure it cannot do what it was intended to do? What is the logic behind this?

Now, probably the most difficult paradox that we have to deal with in our societies : MONEY. We all know that money is the core of all the problems in our societies. All the above, are fed by greed. War are fed by corporations that have corrupted all our governments, to protect their huge profits. The environment is depleted to guaranty the growth of the profits of huge businesses that make sure that the governments of every Nations around the world  do nothing to apply the changes necessary to protect life on our planet. When it comes to Human Rights the “Markets”, these virtual and occult entities, driven by the adoration of the “God Money“, do not even recognize the right to live! Life is nothing to them! It is like anything else for them : just a commodity. We created these systems, We can change them if we want to! Why do we do nothing about it?

There are many more paradoxes in our societies. Religions and our need to believe in something bigger then us, that does not exists. So many lives have been wasted for religions! Racism, fed on the belief that one is superior than the other and on the rejection of differences between people. How stupid this is. Now, we know that we are one species amongst millions of other species and that genetically speaking we are all different and unique.

Humans are a paradox of the universe. Leaving in a world of paradoxes. We have, therefor created our societies on paradoxes. It is true that there are some of them that we can only try to understand, but many of them are of our own making. These ones have been recognized and can be acted upon to make every individuals in our societies equal, safe and sustained on the bases that Nature is what rules the world we live in : The Earth.


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