The first thing I must make clear before starting is that I do respect ones spirituality. Everyone has the right of his/her belief.

Saying that, I do belief that religions have nothing to do with spirituality. Let me explain. I think that the evolution of what were a way to deal with the fear of the unknown, animisn, such has the beliefs in the power of nature, the sun or the moon, has gradually become a way to control people. To force people to conform to an idea that surpasses spirituality.

Despite what most religions texts preach such as peace, humanity, empathy, harmony, friendship, respect of the living, etc ; these writings have been Man made, they are a representation of the human best and worst behaviour. The only thing, that really has kept its relation to the first beliefs is the search to know what comes after death. It is still related to a fear of something that we cannot understand.

If we look at the modern religions through time, we can see that it has been left to the interpretation of texts that have been supposed to be given to mankind by hypothetical Gods. This is facts and is not opened to discussion. From then on, humans with their supreme conscious thinking, have been elevated to the superior race on this planet, separated from animals and just under God.

Then, religions have become global and very powerful propaganda machines. You were part of it or became a paria. If you were still believing in the power of nature you were categorised as witches, shamans or pagans. You were savages that were no better that beasts. Then, religious institutions made sure that people were kept in the dark, under educated unless you were rich and powerful and help their hidden agendas. These are more like political behaviours. Then, they made sure to discredit every new discoveries or scientific explanations of the world that went against their so called sacred texts. The examples are numerous : Galileo Galilei, Giordano Bruno, the destruction of the library of Alexandria (which I believe is the first crime against humanity), Darwin, etc.

From that time, despotism became the rule. Every religious orders were making sure to control people by supporting kings and despotes to fight in their name to extend their area of influence. After the discoveries of the 15th and 16th century, Spain and Portugal went to the Pope to divide the world in two. These two powerful empires had to guaranty the protection of christian orders that went in these newly discovered territories to propagate and force their religious beliefs onto indigenous populations.

Then, in the 16th and 17th century, came the so called wars of successions and wars for the control of the seas. These wars were based on alliances between countries under the same religious influences. Dutch and Great Britain (protestant) against France and Spain (catholics) or the barbaresque (muslim and zoroastrianism).

During that time, religion pushed politics to systematically eradicate indigenous populations because they would not change their ancestral beliefs to the ones of the colonisators in South and North America, in Australia and in the Pacific Island. And I am not going to forget the slave trade. That has nothing to do with spirituality, peace, respect for each other and harmony!

It was also the time of the inquisition. The time in which no one were safe from an enemy reporting you to the catholic inquisitor who would after torture make you a good christian by giving the name of five persons or face death. Where is that written in the bible or other texts?

In the same idea there was the holy wars against the muslims in Palestine. There the christian orders pushed the upper classes to participate in the crusades to make sure they entre the kingdom of heaven. Then it was the muslims who pushed their ways onto the old continent and Asia  killing the so called infidels. This is still going on nowadays with the jihadis in the middle east, north Africa and the some part of black Africa. On the top of that there is the jewish massacre of the muslim population in Palestine or the christian unholy war in the middle east for the control of oil.

Finally, there is the theological war between science and religion : Between, creationists and the evolutionists. This is in my opinion, no reason to fight here. How can you compare facts studied in a scientific way and the texts coming from the dark ages that are stories of the life of fictional characters. Science is not the enemy of spirituality but a complement of it. Most of the important scientists throughout history were spiritual people.

Before concluding I cannot mention the way that religion as been made for men by men. Women have absolutely no rights in religions. They are kept uneducated, slaves of their husbands. Their are owned by their husband in most religious laws.

So, in my humble opinion the human race if it wants to evolve towards a better society has to stay away from religions. We should ban them from our societies. They are toxic, all of them. They have enslave the human race into old anachronistic way of living. They have killed millions in the name of gods, whom none of them can prove they are or have existed. Saying that it is not incompatible with mankind being spiritual, in the true sens of it. Not in a biased, political, money driven, despotic way but in the respect of individual right to believe in something bigger, to question the unknown and the respect of all the living inhabitants of Planet Earth.



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