The past few months a lot of worrying events have happened around the world. From the Brexit in Europe, the election of R. Duterte in the Philippines, D. Trump in the U.S.A, the probable elections of Nationalists in France and Italy. The increase in the influence of V. Putin on the world scene, the war of positioning in the South China sea, etc, etc. The medias call this the rise of populism. Is it only the rise of a racist, ultra conservative and nationalist ideas or is it that people are realising that democracy is broken? And since a very long time, I would add.

Since over 30-40 years the politics have completely lost contact with reality. The markets and big businesses have gone bigger and more powerful. Inequalities are rampant. Our society has become so unjust and split that violence has risen to a point that even politics use violent rhetorics to their advantage and get elected! It is like we are back in the middle ages. The poor are getting poorer, the rich richer and more powerful, workers are being turned gradually into modern slaves by their employers, women are oppressed, unequal and used by men for their pleasure. Freedom is being restricted through theories of fear. Religions are using the powerful to fight their war of dominance over each other. And wars of domination are breaking out everywhere.

So, the masses are turning to the strongest and loudest again. The modern kings or queens are corrupted, unjust and cruel but their words are mesmerising, their violent aura is reassuring. So we put up with them. We accept the system because we are born and grown in it. We have lost our ability to question. And if one tries to ask why and denounce the system, the modern inquisition comes along and gets rid of you or force you back onto the right track. But, I think that our elites have forgotten  that they are only human. They are not unmovable or irreplaceable, they have not been placed in their positions by Gods.

This brings me to my point, these worrying events are in my opinion the beginning of the end of our modern society. This is the end of a cycle, like the end of the Roman empire or the Greek civilisation, the end of the soviet system or colonisations. It is scary but, people are tired of the system. People are seeking their freedom again. People do not trust the elites and the powerful anymore. We are seeing, now, the tumults of a revolution. A revolt against our corrupt political system. The fear of globalisation through the reliance on new technologies is expressing itself through a rise in the fear of others.  Though, new technologies bring new ways to spread the truth about corporations and elites behaviours. Unfortunately, the anger of the masses is being manipulated and comes with the rise of nationalist voices. Our fate is again being taken off our hands!

Why are we not reacting? What stops us changing our societies? The system stops us. It is way to difficult to brake through the web of our modern society system. Education is key to this, in my opinion. We must open the eyes of our youth everywhere (and I mean everywhere) what ever the cost. Science and the scientific way must be taught at an early age. Observation and experimentation must be anchored in a new way to explain the world to our kids. History must be told not only from the point of view of the winners but from an independent sight. Religions must be seen as a personal opinion to spirituality and not dogmas. Philosophy must be explained at a very early age to bring back in our youth the ability to think and analyse by themselves. Equality must become the core of our global economy and political system. We must live in reality, not in a world of political and financial theories that make fear of the unknown the core of their virtual reality. Finally, weapons must be erradicated of our societies.

Otherwise, I am afraid that Stephen Hawkins may be right in saying that we have only another thousand years ahead of us!