Climate Change Conference 2015


Here we are, another world meeting to “save the planet”. Our world leaders, well their collaborators, are all in Paris to discuss the health of our poor Earth. All sponsored by pretty heavy polluters! This makes me very frustrated and pissed off.

You might think that I am very negative about the outcome of this conference but I do not believe that anything will change until the real cause of the pollution and the real actors of the destruction of our planet are at the table. In my humble opinion what our world leaders should agree upon is to severely target the businesses who are polluting right left and centre for the only purpose of making money, money, and more money. And this agreement should be to systematically find, screen and force these oil giants, coal lobbyist, car makers, war salers, pesticides pushers, etc, etc to revise their copy and put their huge amount of money towards researches for non invasive, non changing, non destructive means to HELP the environment, the human race and every leaving things on the planet.  Or else face severe controls by an independent body elected by non political or business orientated people. And this organisation should have unlimited powers to achieve its mission.

I believe that political vues, religious beliefs, market entities, money matters, lobbies of all sorts have nothing to do in the solving of this very serious problem. The above are the cause of the global destruction of our planet. As humans we have been given the gift to be conscious beings. This mean that we are able to be aware of ourselves in our environment and to understand and act on it. So, the responsibility to respect and protect the planet is on our shoulders. Us, the race at the top of the food chain.

The facts are very simple and clear. It is black and white. As far as we know Earth is the only planet where we can live in the universe. We, humans are the only one, exploiting, changing and destroying it. We are the only one who are advanced enough to do something about it. We have the knowledge, the abilities and power to change the society  we live in.

It is not on politicians or religious leaders, business owners or market entities that we should rely on to drive the changes that need to be made in our way of life. We should only follow scientists, philosophers and elders in the making of a united, responsible, fair and environmentally friendly society.

We should stop reflecting on our place in the universe or in a next life. We have to find our place in the globally integrated system that is the earth,  first. This is what we need to achieve very quickly, the rest will follow as an evidence.

Post Scriptum : Here, I am not looking at pushing forward any society model over another. I am just expressing my frustration over the way that issue of the environment protection is dealt with.


Recycling !


The other day one of my Facebook friend shared a post of an old lady giving a lesson on recycling to a young one who complained about her bad habits on the matter. In this speech, our old woman made a point that in her youth bottles, yogurts, milk or cream containers were made of glass, shopping was dispensed in paper bags, food products were displayed in bulk, etc. There was no or very little plastic containers, the system was simple and sustainable in todays standard.

In these past habits everything was recyclable, reuseable and sustainable. It was also cheap to make.  The pressure on populations around the world to be more environmentally friendly was minimal. Furthermore, with todays huge pressure on our oil reserves none of these types of contenants require oil in making them! It is not that we have to be inventing technically complicated systems to recycle these byproducts of our crazy consumption’s habits. It is all there, we have done it before and it worked! I don’t get it. Why can’t we go back to these habits that make more sens in our current environmental crisis?

Our food can be delivered to us plastic free. Why can’t we change this? Why our governments or environmental agencies don’t think about it and make the food industry come back to this simple, environmentally sound and economically sustainable system? I think it is simple: advertising, money making people who are not living in the real world ; lobbies that do not care about anything than profits, that are blinded by other lobbies even more powerful than their own. When I talk about lobbies I mean the large distribution companies such as Walmart, Carrefour, Leclerc, Tesco, etc. Then comes the  slightly more  powerful lobbies such as Danone, Nestlé, Procter and Gambles, Craft, etc who need there brands to be advertised and recognized to increase their profits more and more for their share holders. Then, the next level in the lobbies ladder is the oil lobby who push his dirty products onto us as the solution for all our needs: cheap and so called “clean”energy, cheap but dirty and unsustainable raw material for our food packaging. And I am not talking about the petrol that fuel our cars. And on the top of all that interlocked system there is that powerful, inhuman, virtual system that we have created: The Market, which rules the world.

All the actors of this system feed into each other. They only care about the short term and would go for anything to get their way! They pressurise governments, finance wars, they fund powerful lobbies and pressure groups at all the levels of our societies. They also finance our politicians to make sure that the status quo remains.

I think that it is only us, all the citizens of the world who can make this changes happen. I strongly believe that together we can shift the power of decision in favor of the people of earth from the Market. Democracy is supposed to be “for the people, by the people” so if we make the effort of coming out of our lethargy and remind our politicians that they would not be where they are without us and that they are supposed to represent us in the democratic decision process, that they must thrive to make our society better and safer for us. They also must remember that they must be independent from all corporations and lobbies and do everything to respect the basic human rights as written in the “Déclaration universelle des droits de l’hommes“.

So Messieurs the politicians and decision makers from all over the world tell me what stops you to enforce this simple solution to solve the problem of rubbish management instead of going for costly, complicated and unsustainable solutions that enable the Market and its actors to do as they whish and keep getting richer and even more controlling. I have to say that this time I firmly believe that: “it was better before”.

A Word To The Wise Is Sufficient!