Anger and Desillusion


Another “terrorist attack” took place in Nice, France. Once more 84 innocent people died for nothing. In Novembre 2015, in Paris 130 people died while having a drink in several cafés and at a concert. January 2015, 17 people died in a satirical news paper and a jewish supermarket. All in the name of Allah! So they say. They are soldiers of ISIS for some. They are weak, uneducated or mentaly disturbed for others who are trying to make sens of all this. These are only the biggest events that have happened in France the last 18 months.

There are several other mass murders of innocent civilians that took place all over the world in the name of Allah or Isis or Boko Haram (to only name the most Mediatic ones): in Mali, US, Libanon, Yemen, Nigeria, Syria, Belgium, Danemark, Irak, Afghanistan, Koweit, India, Pakistan,Turkey, Cameroun, Bengladesh, Somalia, Saoudi Arabia, Ivory Coast, Indonesia, Burkina Fasso, Tunisia, Egypt, Kenya, Tchad, Canada, Australia and France. Since the end of 2013 about 5213 persons died because of “terrorist attacks” it averages at 2600 victims per year. What are our politicians doing to deal with that? They wage war against terrorist  groups which name themselves Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Shabbab, Al Qaïda, Islamic califat of Algeria, Taliban… They enfringe Human Rights, torture, bomb, use drones to launch missiles discretly everywhere they feel like it. War deaths round 150 000 a year in the same period. Who are the worst? Both are bad. Both are inhuman. Both needs to stop.

How can this third world war stop? What can normal civilians do to stop this spiral of violence? Not much I am afraid. Casting a vote does not mean much anymore, lately in most countries in the western world voting means going for the less worst candidate, Cameron or Johnston, Sarkosy or Hollande, Clinton or Trump, Fianna Fáil or Fianna Gael, Greens or Nationalists. In a lot of countries around the world it is either the same situation or the people have no say on who is going to run their country.

All this makes me angry. Our whole way of life is being destroyed little by little and there is nothing we can do about it. The democratic system is stalled by an inteligentia who seems to think they can do what they want in our name. All what they care is the defence of the finance lobbies, weapon industry, energy lobbies and their own carreer.

Let’s take the example of France. The past 3 years France has sold weapons to Egypt, Qatar, Saoudi Arbia, Russia, Austalia, planes to Iran and much more that are “Secret Défence“. This makes the French governement proud as the country is the second largest  weapon maker in the world now and it is good for the economy. The French President Mr Hollande has even given one of the highest distinction of the state to the Saoudi Ministre for justice. A man responsible for the  killing of hundreds of his people and who does not care a bit of basic human rights for his citizens! It has been made quite clear, now, that Qatar, Dubai, Saoudi Arabia are founding the “so called Islamic”terrorism the world over. This simply means that in one hand France trades weaponery with these countries and fight them in proxy wars with the other. What is the logic behind that? I’ll tell you money and cheap oil as well as good ratings for the French President. Another element of understanding is that the state of France does nothing against the openings of Salafist Mosques sponsored by Saoudi money in the country! This mosques have been linked with the radicalisation of numbers of young muslim or not, in France and Belgium. Some of them went on to fight in Syria and Irak or participated in the organisation and perpetrations of mass murders in France and Belgium.

Our politicians are saying that they do everything in their power to protect us. Allow me to worry a bit. This is France, but it is not the only country behaving in such disgusting way : U.K, U.S, Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Israel, Pakistan, Brasil, NATO, Sweden, Belgium, Saoudi Arabia, Ireland, Syria, Algeria, Turkey, Irak, Afghanistan, Iran, etc. They are all involved in this maelstrom. Funny enough, they are the same countries that have suffered terrorist attacks the past 3 years!



PS This is not another plot theory, this is facts.


Climate Change Conference 2015


Here we are, another world meeting to “save the planet”. Our world leaders, well their collaborators, are all in Paris to discuss the health of our poor Earth. All sponsored by pretty heavy polluters! This makes me very frustrated and pissed off.

You might think that I am very negative about the outcome of this conference but I do not believe that anything will change until the real cause of the pollution and the real actors of the destruction of our planet are at the table. In my humble opinion what our world leaders should agree upon is to severely target the businesses who are polluting right left and centre for the only purpose of making money, money, and more money. And this agreement should be to systematically find, screen and force these oil giants, coal lobbyist, car makers, war salers, pesticides pushers, etc, etc to revise their copy and put their huge amount of money towards researches for non invasive, non changing, non destructive means to HELP the environment, the human race and every leaving things on the planet.  Or else face severe controls by an independent body elected by non political or business orientated people. And this organisation should have unlimited powers to achieve its mission.

I believe that political vues, religious beliefs, market entities, money matters, lobbies of all sorts have nothing to do in the solving of this very serious problem. The above are the cause of the global destruction of our planet. As humans we have been given the gift to be conscious beings. This mean that we are able to be aware of ourselves in our environment and to understand and act on it. So, the responsibility to respect and protect the planet is on our shoulders. Us, the race at the top of the food chain.

The facts are very simple and clear. It is black and white. As far as we know Earth is the only planet where we can live in the universe. We, humans are the only one, exploiting, changing and destroying it. We are the only one who are advanced enough to do something about it. We have the knowledge, the abilities and power to change the society  we live in.

It is not on politicians or religious leaders, business owners or market entities that we should rely on to drive the changes that need to be made in our way of life. We should only follow scientists, philosophers and elders in the making of a united, responsible, fair and environmentally friendly society.

We should stop reflecting on our place in the universe or in a next life. We have to find our place in the globally integrated system that is the earth,  first. This is what we need to achieve very quickly, the rest will follow as an evidence.

Post Scriptum : Here, I am not looking at pushing forward any society model over another. I am just expressing my frustration over the way that issue of the environment protection is dealt with.